Confront trauma so you can thrive on your own terms with The Trauma & Written Exposure Workbook from Therapy Notebooks. Created by therapists and based on evidence-based, clinically-tested Written Exposure Therapy (WET) techniques, this workbook features five weeks of guided journaling sessions, notes and tips from therapists to aid your healing journey, and prompts and rating scales to track your progress. Together, these offer a safe space for you to re-process your experiences and learn that you are OK.

112 guided pages.

How to Use

This workbook is intended to be used over the course of five weeks, with one session per week. Allow yourself 45 minutes at roughly the same time each week to engage with your workbook. You can get the most from this notebook by keeping your sessions consistent and treating them with the same attention and care you would treat a session with a therapist.

Note: This workbook is not therapy or a replacement for therapy with a licensed professional. If expert assistance for counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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The Trauma & Written Exposure Workbook

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The Trauma & Written Exposure Workbook