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Enjoy a comfortable and environmentally-conscious cycle with the Saalt Soft Cup. Made from ultra-soft, 100% medical-grade silicone,... Learn More

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Enjoy a comfortable and environmentally-conscious cycle with the Saalt Soft Cup. Made from ultra-soft, 100% medical-grade silicone, this menstrual cup is a gentle and comfortable option for those who may experience bladder sensitivity, cramping, or discomfort with firmer cups. Additionally, it can be worn for up to 12 hours and last up to 10 years, making it an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable period care products like pads and tampons. By offering sustainable solutions like this and funding direct cleanup efforts, Saalt aims to benefit both your body and our planet. Available in a regular or small size.

Vegan, cruelty-free, and free of BPA, latex, and toxins.

Due to the intimate nature of this product, please note this is not eligible for a return unless unopened & fully sealed. For questions, please reach out to

How to Use

Saalt cups are worn internally like a tampon but collect rather than absorb your period.

After cleaning and sanitizing your cup according to the directions in its package, fold the cup, wet it with water, and slide it into your vagina at an angle toward your tailbone. Position your cup below your cervix in the vaginal canal. Pinch the base and rotate the cup to lock it in place. Wear for up to 12 hours.

To remove, pinch the base of the cup with your thumb and index finger to break the suction seal. Wiggle your cup as you gently pull it out, and dispose of the contents in the toilet or sink. After removing, rinse your cup with cold water before reinserting. Once your cycle is over, rinse your cup with cold water again, then wash thoroughly with warm water and the Saalt Cup Wash.

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Carlie K.

This cup works great. With

This cup works great. With a standard cup I found on light flow days that I had some irritation. With the soft cup that is no longer an issue. It can take a little work to make sure the cup is fully open once inserted but I have found this with all menstrual cups.


More comfortable than the standard one!

I’ve been using the regular soft cup for around 6 months now and I really loved it! Sadly, closer to the end of my period, I would feel sore and uncomfortable when taking it out or putting it back in. Once I switched to this one, it stopped happening! The softness of this one makes it so much better than the other! And it still holds up for 12 hours!

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