Radiance Light No. 1

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Unlock the benefits of light therapy with the Radiance Light No. 1 from Radiance Bar. This dual-sided device offers white light and red light, both without harmful UV rays.

The white light side aims to compensate for a lack of natural light which is often associated with sleep disorders and low mood. By mimicking sunlight, this side works to restore the sleep-wake cycle and release serotonin which can promote quality sleep, boost productivity, and help you feel happier.

The red light side provides RED light to cosmetically benefit the upper layers of skin, as well as NIR light which penetrates deeper into the skin to support regeneration, help with muscle and joint pain, and encourage circulation.

Height: 7.7in / Width: 9.1in / Depth: 2.3in

Wavelength: 660 nm (RED) and 850 nm (Near-Infrared)
Voltage: 100-240 VAC/47-63Hz
Number of LEDs: 17
Irradiance: <100mW/cm2

How to Use

Use the white light side first thing in the morning and as much as possible throughout the day; for instance, while working on your computer, watching television, or eating meals. Use for at least 30 minutes and keep your eyes open while the light is on.

Use the red light side on bare skin, holding the lamp about 15-25cm from your skin. Keep your eyes closed while this side is on. A built-in timer will switch the lamp off after 20 minutes. Use the red light side daily for optimal results.

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