The Get Balanced Kit

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Purpose: The Get Balanced Kit
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The Get Balanced Kit from Good Patch includes three popular patches for balance: B12 Awake, for an energy boost that powers you through the day; Dream, for soothing the mind and body for a restful night of sleep; and Rescue, to help the body bounce back after overindulgence.

Kit includes 4 of each patch

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B12 Awake
1mg B12, 15mg Caffeine, 1mg Green Tea Extract

10mg Melatonin, 4mg Hops, 3mg Valerian Root

15mg DHM, 10mg Green Tea, 3mg B1, 0.35mg Black Peppercorn

*Per Patch

How to Use

Place your chosen patch on any venous area of the skin, preferably the inner wrist. If you wash your hands frequently, place the patch a little higher up on your arm.

Leave for up to 12 hours. For a gentle removal, use soap and warm water.

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The Get Balanced Kit

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The Get Balanced Kit