Linen Crescent Sit Set

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Create a meditation practice that works for you with the Linen Crescent Sit Set, a set of two layerable meditation cushions from Halfmoon.

The Crescent Meditation Cushion, which can serve as a top cushion, has a unique shape that provides room for you to tuck your feet and ankles in toward your body. This buckwheat-filled and malleable cushion’s cover is made from premium linen that’s cooling, soft to touch, and environmentally friendly due to the comparatively low levels of water used to create its fibers.

The Crescent Meditation Cushion can be easily paired with the linen Zabuton which supports your legs, feet, and seat, and provides extra cushioning and lift off the floor.

Crescent Meditation Cushion Length: 20in / Width: 11in / Height: 5in / Weight: 5.8lbs / Interior: Natural buckwheat hulls
Zabuton Length: 24in / Width: 30in / Height: 4in / Weight: 6.8lbs / 97% cotton, 3% polyester

How to Use

To clean the Crescent Meditation Cushion, empty the buckwheat filling into a container. Wash the cover using the cold water washer setting and hang to dry. Using a funnel, reinsert the buckwheat hulls into the dry cover.

To clean the Zabuton, remove the cover and wash it using using the cold water washer setting before hanging to dry. Do not bleach.

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