Theragun mini + Revive Stick Kit

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Experience relief from cramps and knots wherever you are with the Therabody Theragun mini + Revive Stick Kit. Available in three sophisticated colors, the Theragun mini is an ultra-portable device that alleviates aches on the go by delivering an effective deep muscle massage. This tool is compatible with all fourth-generation Theragun attachments, which are all non-porous and easy to clean. This makes the Theragun mini ideal for use with the TheraOne Revive Body Balm Stick, an organic blend of CBD, menthol, and refined shea butter that provides cooling, soothing, and nourishing benefits to areas in need.

Theragun mini: 6in x 5.3in x 2.25in
Includes Theragun mini, soft case, standard ball attachment, power adapter.

TheraOne Revive Body Balm Stick: 1.67oz / 47g / 835mg CBD

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Use the Theragun mini and TheraOne Revive Body Balm Stick to target areas of discomfort wherever you are. Massage the balm into the skin around the area in need. Next, float the device across the treatment area, gliding up and down the muscle. Gradually apply light to moderate pressure as needed. Stay on one spot for no longer than three to four seconds at a time. Use any time during the day with the appropriate force, grip, and attachments for your needs.
Slight redness, itchiness, soreness, or sweating may occur and is a normal part of recovery. Do not use on the genital area or any higher than the base of your neck. Do not use on the front or back of your torso if pregnant. If you have a pacemaker or prosthetic, do not use the device on that area. Do not use on broken bones or open wounds.
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