The Nue Co.

Probiotic Protein - Plant


A light blend of organic pea, hemp + brown rice protein, the vegan formula of Probiotic Protein - Plant is fortified with a 20 million spore probiotic to help improve gut health and relieve symptoms of IBS. One serving delivers all nine essential amino acids and the same amount of protein as two eggs with the help of three different types of protein - which helps support immune, skin, hair, gut, and muscle health. Probiotic Protein - Plant pairs best with Debloat Food + Prebiotic and Prebiotic + Probiotic for a gut-soothing daily regimen.

Unlike some protein supplements, this vegan protein is easy on the stomach and is a great method for muscle repair. This plant-based protein alternative has replaced our team's traditional supplements for a chemical-free post-workout protein option.
Yellow Pea Powder, Hemp Powder, Brown Rice Protein, Inulin - a prebiotic fiber derived from organic chicory, Probiotic Lactospore Powder 15 billion (Bacillus coagulans)
Stir 1 level tablespoon into water or almond milk, add to smoothies, or combine with yogurt and oatmeal in the morning or evening. For muscle repair, consume within 30 minutes of exercise. Maximize results with Debloat + Energy Food.

About the Brand

The Nue Co.

To fill a gap in accessible, high-quality plant-based nutrition, founder Jules Miller developed The Nue Co.’s collection to include products for gut health, skincare, focus, nutrition, and more. With an array that’s almost entirely vegan — only the Probiotic Protein Milk contains dairy — The Nue Co. promotes the benefits of a plant-based, organic regimen in optimizing wellness. Miller is also following in her grandfather’s footsteps: he himself was an influential chemist and vitamin developer. Focusing on clean, nutrient-rich ingredients, the brand has also expanded their product line and moved into the physical world with a brick-and-mortar presence.