Robyn for Balance Tincture

Formulated to increase mood and alertness while reducing anxiety, this 3:2 cannabinoid to terpene formula combines highly concentrated amounts of CBD and CBN with mood-specific terpenes like limonene used for elevating your mindset. With a luxurious mouth-feel, this tincture evokes aromas of raspberry, rosemary, and jasmine to fill your senses with calming notes of nature.

1000mg CBD / 33mg per dropper
Subtle hints of raspberry and rosemary complement this formula's subtly earthy taste. We feel noticeably more calm and uplifted while adding this to our daily routine.
1000mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Fill dropper to desired volume. Dispense oil under the tongue. Allow to sit for 2 breaths before consuming. Suitable for daytime and nighttime use.

About the Brand


After falling ill to an amoeba parasite during his travels in Peru and choosing a remedy of CBD oil over a doctor-recommended colectomy, Matthew ‘Mills’ Miller founded Mineral. Mineral extracts and formulates a proprietary strain of full spectrum hemp products to achieve maximum balance in the body and mind.

All Mineral products are grown from a proprietary hemp strain that was meticulously formulated by Mills and his hemp farmer. Products are organically grown on a small farm in Colorado that averages a limited run of only 4 harvests a year. This unparalleled full spectrum formula produces 12+ cannabinoids and 12+ terpenes that are optimally balanced in a 1:1 ratio. Mineral products preserve the essential fats, proteins, and vitamins from harvest to bottling, which maximizes bioavailability and aids with absorption, resulting in truly effective CBD products.