Wylde One

Supertonic Energy Adaptogenic Elixir


Supertonic Energy is an all-natural, caffeine-free boost of energy that helps increase physical and mental stamina while fighting fatigue and sluggishness. This nourishing, plant-based energy blend helps you power through long work days or high intensity cardio sessions.

Supertonic Energy elixir is a natural source of sustained energy with no caffeine that works to combat fatigue and sluggishness. Great for active lifestyles when you don’t want to be running on coffee all the time, and constitutes a healthy dose of potent adaptogenic mushrooms and plants.
Supertonic Energy Blend (Powder): Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Extract, Organic Eleuthero Root Extract, Organic Peppermint Leaf Extract, Wildcrafted Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract, Organic Lucuma, Organic Asian Ginseng Roote Extract, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract (Reb A)
Mix one packet into warm water, coffee, tea, nut milk, or smoothie. Stir, sip, and enjoy.

About the Brand

Wylde One

With a belief that small wins in daily wellness lead to a greater sense of overall well-being, Brooklyn-based Wylde One has created functional foods that are both effective and healthful. Wylde One offers plant-derived, adaptogenic formulas that are at once delicious and beneficial, and make elevated wellness both accessible and achievable. Wylde One elixirs are formulated with organic and wildcrafted ingredients and are tested for micro-biology, pesticides, and heavy metals, so you can heighten your wellness confidently.