Wellness Tincture

A moderate and controlled dose of hemp-derived CBD and coconut oil make this wellness tincture perfect for everyday wellness routines. Subtle notes of tropical fruit flavor mask any overly hempy notes, giving you a smooth, refreshing mouth-feel and a clear mind. Reacting with natural receptors in the body, this tincture alleviates stress and anxiety with its natural anti-inflammatory properties and helps build immunity and overall health. Drop under your tongue for optimized absorption and fast-acting results.

500mg Hemp Derived CBD
It's not often that we see a tincture with natural tropical flavors added to it, and we are hooked. Fruity undertones and a moderate dose of CBD make this tincture easy-going on the palate and great for regular, daily use. Hardly oily and fast-absorbing, we apply directly under the tongue.
Coconut oil, Whole plant extract (CBD), Natural flavors, Milk thistle extract. 16.62 mg/g total CBD. 0.00 mg/g total THC.

Verified Lab Results
Start with 1-2 droppers, adjust as desired. Squeeze the rubber bulb for a "full dropper" (i.e. oil should fill half of dropper). Drop under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds then swallow.

About the Brand


Wildflower's mission is to inspire holistic wellness through the use of nature’s own remedies. Founded in Vancouver in 2012, all Wildflower products are made in Washington State and formulated with 100% natural, plant-derived ingredients like hemp and coconut oils, peppermint, and shea butter.

Wildflower hemp-derived CBD is sourced from Europe and farmed without the use of fertilizers or pesticide, allowing you to shop confidently and pursue elevated wellness, naturally.