Nude CBD Tincture

2017 Kentucky-origin full spectrum hemp oil lends itself to organic MCT coconut oil in this clear, phytocannabinoid and antioxidant-rich tincture. The purity and quality of natural, CBD and its anti-inflammatory properties engages with internal cannabinoid receptors, making for an immersive and relaxing experience, heightening the senses and improving overall well-being. The non-psychoactive formula for these drops leaves you feeling clear, connected, and balanced both physically as well as mentally. Enjoy directly for strongest effects, or adapt into food or beverage of your choice.

10mg per dose / 1ml dropper 300mg per 1oz bottle
We love this tincture for its adaptability. A clear formula, light coconut taste, and mild dosage are ideal for the CBD novice. Incorporate into your favorite foods and beverages for elevated dining experiences.
150mg CBD, Certified organic MCT coconut oil, full spectrum hemp CBD oil.

Verified Lab Results
Drop under the tongue for faster onset, or add to the beverage or food of your choice. Please allow approximately 60 minutes for full effect.

About the Brand


As a former fine-dining pastry chef and the founder of Juna, Jewel Zimmer has taken a pioneering approach to cannabidiol, viewing it as nourishment for the body and a compliment to our daily lives.

Juna utilizes single origin cannabis to create hemp oil rich in antioxidants and phytocannabinoids. By creating a formula ideal for micro-dosing, individuals can layer drops as needed to suit their unique chemistry and are therefore ideal for incorporating into dining experiences.