Dr. Kerklaan

Natural Pain Cream

Naturally occurring cannabinoids from USA-sourced full spectrum hemp CBD can provide fast-acting relief for ailments like lower-back and neck, joint and muscle pain as well as more chronic conditions such as arthritis, headaches, and nerve pain. Essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint are added to the formula for their cooling properties and ability to soothe localized soreness, optimizing recovery and rejuvenation within. Dr. Kerklaan adds lavender for its calming effects. This cream is luxurious and non-greasy ensuring optimal absorption rather than sitting on the surface of skin, making morning and evening application seamless.

6mg CBD per 2mL dose / 180mg CBD per bottle
CBD knows no age, and this natural pain cream is fantastic for arthritis or going extra hard at the gym. We love the localized attention it provides to sore joints and muscles. Plus they smell lovely.
Per 59 mL tube: 180 mg CBD USA Grown Hemp. Full Spectrum Extract. Per 2 mL dose: 6 mg CBD. 179.9 Total CBD (mg/unit). 0.305% Total CBD per 59 unit weight (g). 0.00% THC

Verified Lab Results
Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Natural Pain Cream is formulated to be applied easily over target areas leaving a cooling sensation on the skin. Can be applied to lower back, neck, temples, and arthritic or nerve pains. Massage into skin for maximum effect. Let dry before contact with clothing. Apply as needed.

About the Brand

Dr. Kerklaan

With over 20 years experience in the wellness industry, Dr. Andrew Kerklaan believes that the best approach to optimum health is, most often, natural and non-invasive. Combining his belief in the body's ability to heal and the desire to relieve one elderly patient's physical pain, Dr. Kerlaan looked to cannabis as a solution. "While [cannabis] didn’t resolve all her health issues, it had this tremendous effect on her. It was amazing to see her willingness to try CBD for her health."

With rigorous product testing and formulation alongside leading biochemists, Dr. Kerklaan has created a line of effective products using California-grown cannabis extract. His eponymous product line is focused on pain management with remedies for everyday aches and conditions like fibromyalgia, PMS symptoms, skin conditions, and sleeplessness.