CBD Natural Pain Reliever

Organic shea butter and CBD isolate coalesce in this buttery salve to relieve localized and chronic pain like arthritis, joint pain, muscle inflammation, and soreness, as well as common skin conditions like dry, itchy skin, rashes and blisters. Interacting with the body's natural cannabinoid receptors, the CBD isolate targets areas of pain while organic shea butter smooths and nourishes the surface of your skin.

50mg CBD Isolate
We love the buttery texture of this CBD salve. It is supple yet absorbent and has a lasting soothing effect from CBD and other essential oils that are great for isolated aches.
Organic shea butter, 99% pure CBD Isolate, Vitamin E, Arnica oil, Proprietary blend of essential oils. 99.75 wt% 997.49 mg/g CBD. 0.00% THC.

Verified Lab Results
Apply to skin as needed. Feel the cooling sensation melt any tension away.

About the Brand


Shea Brand was founded in New York City by three friends - Marie, Austin, and Krystal - with the goal to build a self-care brand backed by science and crafted with potent raw ingredients. By combining shea butter and CBD, the trio created a natural pain reliever that is both effective and beautiful.

To communicate both their love for the city and natural environment, Shea Brand products are made with minimal-plastic, aesthetically elevated 100% recyclable packaging and environmental and humanitarian impact in mind.