CBD Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100% organic and locally sourced from 125-year-old olive trees in California, Vireo CBD Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a chef-crafted dressing oil. This CBD olive oil combines the natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties of hemp-derived CBD with the health benefits of olive oil. Use this as a finishing oil for salads, sauces, and spreads or enjoy a tablespoon on its own.

75mg CBD per bottle
Local, USA grown olives are about as good as it gets. We love the freshness and high quality of this product, as well as the culinary expertise that goes into it.
An 8oz bottle contains 16 tablespoons and 75mg of CBD. 67.84 mg/unit Total Cannabinoids. 67.84 mg/unit total CBD. 0.00% THC.

Verified Lab Results
1 tablespoon equals approximately 4.5mg of hemp-derived CBD. Use it dress your favorites foods or as a finishing oil. Refrain from using the oil to cook or fry food.

About the Brand


Created in Los Angeles by renowned Chef Luke Reyes, Vireo is crafted using cold pressed oil from 125-year-old olives found at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains and infused with California-grown cannabis to elevate dining experiences. "Our team scoured the state for the best olives, product, and dairy in our home of California. We got to know the farmers that made each one of our ingredients that we use," says Reyes.

Each serving of Vireo is balanced and consistent and is intended as a low dose experience with the option to increase as needed. Terpenes have been extracted, resulting in a CBD olive oil that compliments dishes without imposing flavor.