Linen Restorative Bolster

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Support your body during your yoga practice with the Linen Restorative Bolster from Halfmoon. Ideal for yogis over 6 feet tall, this extra-long, rectangular bolster promotes a gentle chest opening and subtle back-bending during restorative poses like Supported Fish and Supported Twist. The Linen Restorative Bolster is also an earth-friendly choice; it's filled with natural cotton batting processed in British Columbia, and boasts a removable and washable linen cover that's biodegradable, cooling, soft to touch, and undeniably chic. Additionally, a handy carry handle allows you to take this bolster with you anywhere.

Dimensions: 5in x 10in x 28in
Weight: 5lbs / 2.3kg
Interior: Natural cotton batting

How to Use

Use this bolster to support your body during restorative yoga poses like Supported Fish and Supported Twist.

To clean, remove the cover and machine wash it in cool water on a delicate cycle. Hang to dry.

Note: Although handles have been reinforced during manufacturing to ensure a strong seam, ripped seams may occur or be exaggerated by friction. Make sure to use this product gently.

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