Apple Ume Ginger Rose Delights Gummies

Enjoy a fruity, spicy flavor as well as the benefits of CBD with the Rose Los Angeles Apple Ume Ginger Rose Delights Gummies. Presented in packaging designed to eliminate excessive plastics, these gummies blend cider made from seasonal, California-grown apples with tart and floral Ume plum and fresh-pressed ginger juice for a kick of spice. Additionally, each gummy is infused with Electra hemp flower rosin from the Hudson Valley that offers 100% of the cannabinoid and terpene profile native to the plant.

Natural, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

20 gummies / 10mg CBD per gummy

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Eat as desired and allow up to 2 hours to take effect. Start with one, then adjust dosage based on preference.
Enhance Your Routine