Peach Ginger CBD Drink (4)


Made from hemp-derived CBD isolate and containing 0% THC, Vybes curates a beverage experience for the mind and body. Using natural flavors and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD reacting with your body's endocannabinoid receptors, they deliver a beverage that is equally delicious and refreshing as it is beneficial for the mind and body. Sharp and health-promoting ginger meets its sweet counterpart, peach, for a balanced sensory experience in this green tea-based CBD drink.

100mg CBD / 25mg per bottle

It's simple, balanced, and contains just the right amount of CBD to help calm your mind and reduce inflammation in the body and gut. Ginger helps to settle the stomach while green tea gives us the natural boost of energy we need throughout the day.
Peach Juice*, Ginger Juice*, Green Tea*, Erythritol*, Stevia Leaf*, RIPPLE SC (Quillaja Extract*, Hemp Extract*, MCT Oil*, Water), Magnesium Citrate, Phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Zinc Citrate. *Organically Produced
Drink VYBES as you like - in the morning, afternoon or evenings, after yoga, meditation, or a hike outdoors.

About the Brand


Jonathan Eppers, founder of Vybes and seeker of stress-free living, started the California-based brand in 2016 after a close friend turned him to the natural calming effects of hemp-derived CBD. 'My hope is that Vybes can give you the calm, grounded feelings that are necessary to live the balanced life we all strive for.'

With more than 1 million bottles sold to date and a roster of celebrity endorsements, Vybes' water soluble CBD formula is at once delicious, effective, and aesthetically appealing.