The Nue Co.

Energy Food + Prebiotic


Caffeine-free, vegan, and free of added sugar and pesticides, this formula helps stabilize blood sugars + boosts energy levels. Adaptogens and prebiotics come together to offer added energy long-term: maca, goji berry, and beetroot powder offer a boost of natural antioxidants and can help to improve energy levels and skin condition, while inulin can help to stabilize blood sugar levels and regulate overall gut health.

The curated adaptogens and prebiotics combine to sustainably boost energy levels without the use of caffeine (and without the crash), while also working to improve the makeup of your gut biome.
Maca powder, goji berry powder, beetroot powder, brown rice protein, inulin
Mix 1 teaspoon into nut milk or water or add to yogurt + smoothies. Use daily or when needed most.

About the Brand

The Nue Co.

To fill a gap in accessible, high-quality plant-based nutrition, founder Jules Miller developed The Nue Co.’s collection to include products for gut health, skincare, focus, nutrition, and more. With an array that’s almost entirely vegan — only the Probiotic Protein Milk contains dairy — The Nue Co. promotes the benefits of a plant-based, organic regimen in optimizing wellness. Miller is also following in her grandfather’s footsteps: he himself was an influential chemist and vitamin developer. Focusing on clean, nutrient-rich ingredients, the brand has also expanded their product line and moved into the physical world with a brick-and-mortar presence.