Hemp Infused Olive Oil - Large


Harvested from cold-pressed Arbequina olives in Carmel Valley, California, Potli Hemp Infused Olive Oil is an ideal cooking and finishing oil. Use a serving of this CBD olive oil to cook your favorite vegetables or drizzle atop greek yogurt - there's no hemp taste, so you can add it to your dishes without altering the flavor profile. Olive oil’s natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties combined with that of CBD help to improve overall wellness and reduce nausea, anxiety, inflammation.

500mg CBD / 15mg per teaspoon

All the natural benefits without the taste of hemp, this CBD olive oil from Potli has been created with health in mind. A slightly buttery taste with floral end notes, and generous concentration of CBD in every teaspoon offers a unique cooking experience and an alternative method for relaxation.
Extra virgin olive oil, CBD oil
Drizzle 1-2 teaspoons over hummus, greek yogurt, tartines, or use it as a healthy ingredient in your culinary creations.

About the Brand


Felicity Chen and Christine Yi are co-founders of Potli and creators of incredibly delicious CBD products. At the center of their story is the desire to create a natural, non-psychoactive pain remedy and delicious honey. Harvested from their own hives in the Bay Area of California, they created a trustworthy CBD honey that is at once delicious and consistent in dosage.

Potli's core beliefs lie in happiness, health, and honey: happiness as the feeling they hope to provide, health as the paramount priority in daily life, and honesty in product creation and communication within the Potli community.