Yoga Snap Game

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Allow your little one to have fun and experience the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with the Yoga Snap Game from Mindful & Co Kids. An interactive take on a classic game, this set of 52 cards (13 sets of four cards) lets children match cards and perform yoga poses. By encouraging children to practice yoga and mindfulness regularly, this game can enhance their ability to cultivate calm, regulate their emotions, and practice self-awareness. Additionally, this set can also improve concentration, focus, critical thinking, visual differentiation, and short-term memory in little ones.

13 sets of 4 cards / 52 cards total

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How to Use

Encourage children to play this game like traditional Snap and perform the poses they match. Children can enjoy this game with at least one other player, whether that be a friend, sibling, caregiver, or classmate.

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Yoga Snap Game

Mindful & Co Kids

Yoga Snap Game