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Standard Dose is rooted in education, and was founded to clear up the misinformation and confusion present in the CBD space. Here, we cover everything from the basics to how to dose to ways to heal through plant-powered alternatives and mindfulness practices. We’re always learning, and work to bring you the information you want to know. 

Yoga For Regulating Hormones + Reducing Stress

Abigail Stevenson started from humble (and all-too-relatable) yoga beginnings - think sweaty palms, self-conscious movements, and lots of overthinking -  and is now the sought-after Rooftop Yoga Flow instructor at...

The Long-Term Effects of Chronic Stress

The Long-Term Effects of Chronic Stress

Though we may feel in control of our emotions, if we are not actively managing the day-to-day stress caused by our careers, home lives, and relatio...

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