Your Top 5 CBD FAQs, Answered

Standard Dose was founded on bringing clarity to a space where potential for better healing practices through plants and confusion around the facts are equally abundant. To help navigate the plant-based world of CBD, we’ve gathered your most frequently asked questions and answered them below.

Q: Will CBD make me high?
A: No. CBD created using industrial hemp will not make you high. Industrial hemp contains high amounts of CBD and less than 0.3% THC, the psychotropic compound found in the cannabis plant. 

Q: How much CBD should I take?
A: We go into more depth on finding your own standard dose here, but every body is different, which means that there really is no standard dose when it comes to CBD. When you begin using CBD it’s advised to begin with small, consistent doses (~5mg - 10mg) and gradually increase as needed.

Q: What does hemp extract mean?
A: There is a lot of varying language in the world of CBD. Hemp extract, CBD extract, full spectrum hemp extract can often vary in meaning between brands, so it’s important to look for specific milligrams of CBD specifically. The term ‘hemp extract’ is often applied to full spectrum hemp products that contain other cannabinoids in addition to CBD.

Q: What’s better: full spectrum or isolate?
A: We believe both full spectrum and isolate products hold equal weight, depending on the individual and their intended use for CBD. CBD isolate is scentless, tasteless, and devoid of THC, so the individual can consume CBD without introducing THC into their wellness routine while still benefiting from CBD. Full spectrum products utilize the whole plant, so the individual can experience CBD plus other beneficial cannabinoids including THC. Full spectrum products create an entourage effect, where each of the cannabinoids work together to further heighten their benefits. Click here to learn more about the different formats of CBD.

Q: Can I travel with CBD?
A: Currently, per, CBD products using industrial hemp and containing less than 0.3% are allowed in carry on and checked bags. To learn more, read our story on Traveling with CBD. 

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