Why You Should Swap Out Your “Normal” Deodorant

Whether you’re the type of person with a bathroom full of skincare or prefer a more pared-back routine, deodorant is one product that’s pretty much non-negotiable. Many of us apply it every day, yet don’t think twice about the ingredients. While deodorant is incredibly important for our day-to-day life, traditional antiperspirants often contain harmful ingredients and chemicals. Read on to learn more about why natural deodorant is a much healthier option.

Sweat is natural
No one wants to smell after a long run or day spent outside, but antiperspirants use ingredients like aluminum and zirconium to clog pores and prevent sweat. This may sound like a good thing, but it’s really not: it’s blocking a major natural process of the body. Natural deodorants without antiperspirant instead focus on reducing odor while allowing your body to carry out this natural, healthy process and release toxins. 

The long-term effects
In addition to aluminum (one of the ingredients that blocks sweat production), many popular deodorants also include parabens, synthetic fragrances, and propylene glycol, which is often derived from petroleum. While seemingly insignificant in minimal amounts, daily use can really add up to long-term effects on your health. 

Natural deodorants are gentler on skin 
If you have sensitive skin, switching to a natural deodorant could have even more benefits. Natural ingredients are less irritating and sometimes even have added benefits to help smooth and soften skin. 

Tips for making the switch 
Swapping out your deodorant is a great move for your health, but the first few weeks are an adjustment period. Expert the body to go through a short detox period where it begins to self-regulate and resume healthy processes. Switching will also mean increased sweat in the short term, but over time the body will quickly adjust and begin to sweat like it should!

How to pick the right deodorant
While many deodorants out there claim to be “natural,” be sure to really check and research the ingredients. All of the deodorants in our curation have been carefully vetted, so you can ensure you’re getting the best of the best. 

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