Why Filtering Your Water Is the Ultimate Skincare Hack

Learn how filtering your water can help you achieve healthier skin and a natural glow.

When it comes to caring for our skin, many of us think carefully about our skincare routines, selecting products that are nourishing and hydrating, and that address our skin’s unique needs. Yet, few of us stop to think about the water we’re using in that skincare routine. 

Water is just water, right? Wrong. Not only can tap water vary substantially by geographic location, but it also has been proven to be harsh on the skin, especially for those with sensitive, dry, or acne-prone skin.

If you have hard water at home (which is water with a high content of dissolved minerals like magnesium or calcium), mineral residue can strip moisture from your skin, and accelerate signs of aging. This is because the magnesium and calcium in your water can create free radicals, which break down collagen. Overtime, skin loses some of its elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles can become more pronounced. Hard water can also clog your pores, leading to dryness, itchiness, or irritation.

Another consideration? Contaminants. There are often chemicals and other contaminants hiding in tap water, including chlorine, heavy metals, and microplastics, as well as mud and rust. These are not only damaging to the skin, but also incredibly dehydrating and irritating. 

Chlorine in particular accelerates aging in a way that’s similar to extended sun exposure, according to a Harper’s Bazaar interview conducted with Dr. Rehka Tailor, a cosmetic doctor and skin scientist. These chemicals strip the skin of their natural oils as well, exacerbating underlying conditions like eczema. 

While the right skincare products can certainly provide your skin with nourishment, the secret to healthy skin starts with healthy water. A good water filter can change everything, leading to healthier, softer, and more radiant skin.

We recently added the Filterbaby Water Filter to our curation for this reason. Dermatologist tested, this filtration device filters your water so it’s as crisp, refreshing, and clean as can be. You can easily install it to your faucet in less than 10 minutes.
Healthy water in combination with clean skincare products = a recipe for your healthiest skin yet. Read up on how to spring clean your skincare routine if you’re also looking to avoid harmful silicones, sulfates, and parabens while caring for your skin.

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