Using CBD for PMS Relief

If your menstrual cycle involves always keeping a bottle of ibuprofen close by and dreaming of discreetly lugging your heating pad to work, you’ve probably found yourself wondering what other options there might be. And what about PMS symptoms, which can arrive 5-11 days before menstruation itself? If you’re looking to relieve pain naturally and decrease symptoms like intense mood shifts and feelings of anxiousness (something a traditional painkiller can’t do), CBD could have a powerful impact by bringing the endocannabinoid system back to homeostasis.

Cramping + Abdominal Pain
Cramps are arguably one of the most painful aspects of having a period, and are caused when prostaglandins, hormone-like substances, lead to contractions in the uterus. With anti-inflammatory properties, use of CBD can help reduce this pain and relax muscles. Using a topical like the Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm provides a soothing effect and further reduces muscle soreness. If you’re anticipating cramps, apply the Period Patch from The Good Patch at the beginning of the day. With 100% bioavailability, the patch allows CBD to enter the bloodstream directly and can be placed on the lower abdomen for up to 12 hours of discreet relief.

Stress + Anxiety Relief
When it comes to symptoms like stress and anxiety that arrive both leading up to and during your cycle, it can seem like the only option is to wait it out. Thankfully, CBD can also enhance the body’s ability to handle these emotions. Taking a daily capsule like the Be Calm Capsules from Plant People, which includes adaptogens, works to prevent harmful hormones while helping the body adapt to stressors. 

Regulating Mood
Beyond just stress and anxiety, CBD can help regulate mood as a whole, so you feel balanced from day-to-day. During PMS, when your mood may shift often, this can be especially helpful. We recommend taking a tincture like the Mineral Balance Tincture once or twice a day (making sure to take it daily is important as CBD builds up in the body). Place half a dropper under your tongue as, this way, the compounds are directly absorbed into the bloodstream for a more effective dose. 

By incorporating CBD into your lifestyle, you may find yourself leaving the ibuprofen at home when your period comes around, or even ditching it altogether. As a natural solution that can help with each symptom, that’s a switch you can feel good about.

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