The Importance of Black Health & Wellness

The theme of Black History Month 2022 celebrates the Black community’s contributions to the wellness world while calling attention to the disparities that still exist. 

At Standard Dose, we’ve chosen to shine a spotlight on the mental health movement. Why? Because we recognize a crucial need for representation in this field in order for everyone to be able to access the care they deserve. 

Today, we invite you to join us on this learning journey and are excited to follow up next week with additional resources. 

The Numbers

-African American adults are 20% more likely to experience mental health issues than the rest of the population

-Only 1 in 3 Black adults in the U.S. who need mental health care receive it, often due to misdiagnosis, socioeconomic factors, and a lack of Black mental health professionals 

-According to the National Association on Mental Illness, only 3.7% of members in the American Psychiatric Association and 1.5% of members in the American Psychological Association are Black

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Names to Know

-Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller, the first U.S. psychiatrist of African descent, was a pioneer in  Alzheimer's research 

-As President of the American Public Health Association, Dr. Paul Cornely focused on developing public health initiatives aimed at reducing healthcare disparities

-Mamie Phipps Clark was the first African-American woman to earn a doctorate degree in psychology from Columbia University, and testified as an expert witness in school desegregation cases like Brown vs. Board of Education

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Mental Health Resources

Black Emotional and Mental Health (BEAM)
BEAM is an organization dedicated to the healing, wellness, and liberation of Black communities. BEAM envisions a world where there are no barriers to Black Healing, and provides countless resources, including a virtual wellness directory that helps connect individuals with Black therapists, doulas, and more.

Therapy for Black Girls
An online space that encourages the mental wellness of Black women and girls, Therapy for Black Girls also has a referral tool to help you find a therapist in your area, and a weekly podcast on all things mental health.

Racism and Mental Health
This learning resource from Mental Health America is a great starting point for understanding how racism and mental health are connected.