The Best Ingredients for Pain Relief

Achy muscles and sore joints love these powerful ingredients.

So, you’ve been dealing with some pain lately. Whether you’re looking for relief post-workout, need help managing conditions like Arthritis, or would love a little support during that time of the month, the right plant-based ingredients can help calm and soothe. The next time you’re looking for a pain relief solution, keep an eye out for the following ingredients:

For balms, body oils, & creams, look for:

Our favorite ingredient for pain relief, CBD offers almost instant relief from targeted pain like back pain, cramps, & more. When applied topically, it soothes at the source for ultimate relief. Our secret tip? Apply a balm with CBD right after you get out of the shower for optimal absorption. 

There’s nothing quite as soothing as peppermint, as it helps soothe everything from itching to headaches, muscle aches, and joint pain. Plus, it provides a pleasant smell to help you relax the mind at the same time. Our recommendation: the Wildflower Cool Stick.

Lavender Essential Oil 
Researchers in a 2015 study found that lavender essential oil can do a lot for pain relief when applied topically, as it helps reduce inflammation in the body. This body oil is a great choice. For those who experience migraines, breathing in the scent of lavender can also help lessen symptoms. 

For tinctures & capsules, look for:

CBD (again!)
Although CBD works wonders topically, it’s especially effective when ingested consistently. We recommend taking a daily capsule or tincture for long-term relief. Just remember: it may take a little bit of time to see results. Give it up to a month of regular use before adjusting your dose.

This is probably a new one! That’s because linalool doesn’t get enough credit. This terpene is known as one of the best for pain relief. It has a light, citrusy scent, and helps with everything from inflammation and swelling to redness and irritation. 

Beyond cooking, turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps increase ease of movement (a huge win for workout soreness). 

In drinks, look for:

Another anti-inflammatory? Ginger. Try grating some into your morning lemon water, or enjoy a botanical spirit like this one.

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