The Art of Adaptogen Stacking

A staple of traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda for thousands of years, adaptogens are a class of herbs, mushrooms, and minerals that help our bodies adapt to stress. They achieve this by restoring balance to the body, specifically by normalizing the functions of areas like the cardiovascular and immune systems in response to stressors that can trigger health issues. 

Some examples of commonly used adaptogens are:

Ashwagandha: A superherb known to boost mental stamina and reduce stress, irritability, and cravings.

Schisandra: An energizing adaptogen that also assists concentration and liver function.

Reishi: A calming mushroom that balances mood while promoting focus and a healthy immune response. 

Cordyceps: A fungus often used to amplify energy, drive, and stamina.

Mucuna: A powerful plant that encourages a happier mood by igniting the brain’s pleasure centers and supporting resilience. 

While each one is powerful on its own, combining two or more adaptogens can enhance the benefits. This process is called adaptogen stacking and it harkens back to traditional herbal medicine practitioners who, rather than prescribing a single herb or mushroom to a patient, would often recommend complex formulas to improve holistic health. Similarly, adaptogen stacking aims to bring the entire body back into balance and encourage total well-being. 

Effective adaptogen stacking starts with evaluating your overall wellness and taking time to uncover the root causes you’d like to address. For example, if you’re currently taking a class or course, you may be finding your studies stressful. Rather than simply spot-treat stress, we'd encourage you to think a little deeper about what may be causing this feeling. In this example, you may realize that your anxiety actually stems from an inability to concentrate for long periods which has made tackling your workload difficult. You could then combat this problem by stacking schisandra, an adaptogen known to boost energy levels and mental clarity, with reishi, a mushroom that also supports concentration, to supercharge your focus. As schisandra is an energizing adaptogen and reishi is a calming one, this combination would also help you address other concerns, such as an inability to wind down after a day of studying.

If you don’t feel comfortable selecting individual adaptogens just yet, you can explore adaptogenic supplements that have already been expertly blended for you. For example, Golden Glow Up by Wylde One features adaptogens like ashwagandha and astragalus to restore balance to the gut. As there is a proven link between gut health and skin health, this, in turn, promotes a radiant complexion and exemplifies the benefits of stacking adaptogens to foster positive overall health. 

With this, you’re almost ready to begin your adaptogen stacking journey! Our parting recommendation is to always remain mindful and intentional about your adaptogen use. While the botanicals that fall into this category are generally considered safe, you may experience some minor dysfunctions if your combinations are not well-considered: for example, being unable to fall asleep easily because you’ve stacked too many energizing adaptogens. That’s why we recommend consulting your primary care doctor before you begin incorporating new adaptogens into your wellness routine, particularly if you’re currently utilizing other adaptogens or taking medication. Everyone’s body reacts differently to new supplements, so speaking with your doctor can equip you with the personalized knowledge you need to refresh your regimen safely and effectively. We also advise you to continuously listen to your body and, if you notice an imbalance, modify your usage. And remember, our team is always here to offer advice and help you find you reach your wellness goals. 

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