Summer CBD Skin Care for a Natural Glow

Photo: Beboe Therapies

We’ve been waiting patiently (very... patiently...) for summer to start all year so we can stow away our puffer coats and feel the sun on our skin. While we often connect cooler weather with dry skin and the summer months with a little too much hydration, that’s not always the case. In fact, your skin care routine could be lacking the hydration and soothing ingredients it needs during the heat of summer.

If you have combination or oily skin, the thought of applying a face serum can be a little intimidating, especially when you’re battling the summer heat. But starving your skin of moisture won’t make it less oily - it could actually trigger the reverse. In the summer heat, feed your skin with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in Hora Skin Care's Super Serum or rosehip and rose flower oil in Saint Jane Beauty's Luxury Beauty Serum to reduce redness. Both options are light summer alternatives to add to your summer skincare routine. And don’t forget the lips! One of the often neglected elements in skin care routines is the lips. Keep them nourished on the go or at the beach with Vertly’s CBD Lip Balm

And if you spent a little too much time in the sun, heal your skin with aloe and arnica in Vertly’s CBD Relief Lotion - one of our favorite body lotions that offers a subtle cooling effect. Beboe Therapies CBD Sheet Masks are formulated with aloe vera, lavender, vitamin C + E, and copaiba oil and are amazing for soothing skin and an accidental sunburn. The best part? All of these products contain CBD, which helps reduce inflammation and relieve localized pain.

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