Stress Relief Remedies Our Community Swears By

From anxiety over a looming decision to daily stressors like traffic, deadlines, and more, stress is a natural part of life. But when these feelings become consistent, threatening to swallow our happiness and keep us on edge throughout the day, it’s time for a change. 

At Standard Dose, we believe in treating stress holistically, with natural remedies and mindfulness practices. Whether you’re looking to add more balance into your daily life, or need short-term relief, meet the remedies our community swears by:

Rae Wellness Destress Capsules

Destress Capsules


“This product is simply amazing! Working in healthcare can be stressful, but this product gives me exactly what I need to take the edge off. I can feel the weight being lifted off of me.” -Rachel M.

Mineral Balance Tincture

Balance Tincture


“I’ve been taking this formula since its release, and the effects, both mental and physical, are astonishing. This is by far my favorite formula – it calms my racing mind, helps control mood swings, and brings balance to my overall mental health. It also serves as a natural painkiller and it’s a great headache squasher!” -Christina A.

Therapy Notebooks The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook


“This journal provides great prompts for you to decompress with. I find myself reflecting on my actions and anxiety more carefully because of it” -Kimberly Y.

Standard Dose Tincture

Standard Dose Tincture


“I’ve been trying so many things as of late to help manage my anxiety and overall focus. I’ve been using this tincture for the last month, taking it every day, and I have noticed a positive impact on it helping me manage my stress and anxiety. So, now I swear by it. I also love that it doesn’t have the hempy taste like most other CBD tinctures.” -Meg C.

Rose LA x Standard Dose Day + Night Delights

Day + Night Delights


"I have been taking these daily and they have really improved my overall mood and helped reduce my anxiety attacks." -Keely C.