Inside the First Standard Dose Wellness Experience in NYC

Photo: @DavidMitchellPhoto

A presence in the physical world has always been central to our mission, a place that brings the ethos of Standard Dose into a physical space where people can sample and discover new, trustworthy components for their wellness rituals, as well as being a tranquil oasis in the middle of a city that … isn’t that. That’s why we’re excited to announce the opening of the first Standard Dose Wellness Experience, spread throughout a three-story space in NoMad, NYC, where anyone who’s interested can explore our curation of CBD and plant-based products, book wellness services, and spend time in our calming, Mediterranean-inspired space, complete with a cactus garden, therapeutic skylight, and rooftop yoga.

The Experience
Bookable online or in-person services offered include daily meditation sessions in our cozy, sunlit space, which sits like a little European courtyard, except one that got dropped off a stone’s throw from Flatiron. The meditation space is lit by a state-of-the-art therapeutic system that mimics that actual sky, and there’s even a night setting with the moon. In a word, it’s mesmerizing.

But ok, you found your stillness, but now you need to find your breath? Also join us for yoga on the roof, lead by local instructors who are likewise committed to pursuing healthy, active avenues of self-care. With the city soundscape as a backdrop, discover what it’s like to commit yourself to the present even in the controlled chaos. Sharing the space with the skylight and the dozen or so pillowy meditation beds is the Tea Bar, serving exclusive blends to accompany your practice.

In keeping with our belief in transparency and education, all visitors have access to in-store Educators who can help answer questions about CBD and plant-based products, and help you select the most relevant items for your goals.

The Opening Party
To celebrate the launch of the space, CBD-infused drinks and hors d’oeuvres were prepared by chef Holden Jagger, who together with his sister founded Altered Plates. Holden conceived of a vegan menu using fresh ingredients and CBD from some of our brand partners: orange shiitake sushi with Potli Chili Oil, English pea hummus toast with Plant People CBD Olive Oil, and raspberry meringue with Calivolve Match CBD Chocolate Truffles. Also, a spring vegetable briouat and lavender shortbread was specially prepared with our Standard Dose Tincture.

Now open at 1145 Broadway in Nomad, NYC. Stop by, ask us questions, and discover why the most-overheard comment at our opening party were the words “When can I move in?”