Setting Intentions for the New Year

New Year's intentions > resolutions. Read on for our best tips for setting yours.

We’re all familiar with New Year’s resolutions: the commitments we make on January 1st to work towards certain goals. It could be to move our bodies more, eat healthier, or hit a savings target. However, almost all of us are also familiar with the difficulty of sticking to these decisions, likely because we didn’t establish a clear plan for reaching our goal or because the all-or-nothing attitude we naturally have towards New Year’s resolutions prompts us to give up entirely after the first slip. If this cycle has become an annual frustration for you, consider setting intentions, rather than making resolutions, this year. 

An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to show up in the world, a statement of purpose that you want to align yourself with rather than a fixed goal. Intentions come from the heart and are driven by a desire to connect with our authentic selves. With this in mind, here are our steps for setting a new year intention:

Make Space
Setting an intention is an important moment: this principle will guide your whole year, so it shouldn’t be born from a state of feeling rushed or restless. Start by creating a physical space that feels true to you, whether that be by lighting your favorite candle and taking out a journal to jot down thoughts as they come, or running a soothing bath. Then, ensure you are in the right headspace. Reflect on the last year and resolve any thoughts or feelings that would prevent you from reaching a place of joy and optimism. Finally, find a few moments for gratitude – if you only focus on how you’d like to present rather than expressing gratitude for everything you’ve already achieved, your intention will come from a state of scarcity.

Consider Your Values
Intentions are about aligning with your truest self, so having created a conducive physical and mental space, start thinking about the values that resonate with you. Question what matters to you most, the things you’d like to let go of, the moments you feel happiest, and your aspirational dreams.

Repeat after me: “I intend to enjoy opportunities that come my way."

Craft a Mantra
Take these candid thoughts and turn them into a statement of intention. You could choose an affirmation you’d like to live by, such as “I intend to enjoy opportunities that come my way,” or a word you wish to embody, like “kindness” or “patience.” It’s important to keep your intentions on a positive frequency; instead of asserting “I will stop eating unhealthy foods” you could choose “I will nourish my body.”

Let Go
Avoid giving your intention rigid benchmarks or placing pressure on it. Instead, give it the power to be a gentle yet powerful energy in your life by speaking it aloud each morning and then going about your day. If you’re concerned about losing your way, you can tell a supportive friend about your intention so they can help you get back on track. 

Hopefully, these simple steps have left you feeling empowered to take control of the year ahead in a way that feels stress-free and true to you. Wishing you an intentional new year, from all at Standard Dose. 

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