Safety First with Justin Gardner

Justin Gardner, CEO and founder of the personal health and recovery brand BLDG Active, answers our questions about clean and safe first aid for the whole family.

What motivated you to create the BLDG Active brand?

I’ve been working in the regenerative medicine and wound care space for 20 years helping to launch multiple products in hospitals. When I helped launch the technology behind Active Skin Repair into hospitals and learned of the safety and efficacy behind the key ingredient, I knew this was a product that needed to be available over the counter.  


Why was it important for you to create natural first aid products?

I’ve always tried to use natural skin care products but this often wasn’t an option when it came to skin and wound repair. When I learned about the molecule HOCl and how it mimicked the human immune system using natural ingredients, I knew we had an opportunity to finally introduce a natural product for skin repair that is also powerful and clinically proven. 


What is Hypochlorous (HOCI) and how does it help repair skin?

Hypochlorous is the same molecule your white blood cells produce as a response to injury. We replicate the molecule by electrolyzing salt and water and formulating it in an ISO-certified clean room. 


What products do the Active Skin Repair spray and hydrogel aim to replace in a first aid kit?

They replace a lot! For example, they replace synthetic antibiotics like Neosporin, antiseptics like alcohol, and itch relief like After Bite.


How can families use these products this summer?

There are literally hundreds of uses for Active Skin Repair; it can be used for cuts and scrapes but also things like rashes, chafing, sunburns, bug bites, and more. Because it’s safe to use around the eyes, ears, and mouth, you can use Active on your face and other sensitive areas. This summer, Active can be used for everything from spraying your face after a day in the sun to treating scrapes and cuts on a camping trip. 


There are also specific BLDG Active formulas for kids and babies – why is it extra important for little ones to use safe, natural first aid products?

Skin issues are quite common in kids. What’s great about Active Skin Repair is that it has the same safety profile as saline solution. This product can be used multiple times a day on children because it’s gentle on the skin. However, it’s also powerful enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria and help support the natural healing process. 


What tips do you have for people who want to clean up their first aid kit?

Medical technology has come a long way in the last 70 years yet so many of the products in our first aid cabinet are the same toxic ones our great-grandparents used. They’re bad for our skin and bad for the environment. Do your research, read the ingredients, and look for products that have good-for-you ingredients supported by clinical data. 


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