Our New Arrivals for the New Year

The new year is officially upon us which means there’s no better time to shake up your wellness routine–and we think these new arrivals do just the job! Each one has been carefully vetted by our team to ensure it’s safe, effective, and 100% worthy of a place in your 2023 rituals. Keep scrolling to find your latest must-have…

Dame Desire Gummies

Desire Gummies


If one of your New Year’s Intentions is to enjoy better sex, add these strawberry and mango-flavored gummies to your supplement routine. Formulated with ashwagandha and l-theanine to reduce stress, and mucuna to boost levels of the pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine, these vegan gummies help reduce anxiety while increasing sexual desire and satisfaction.

Maude Rise



While we’re talking about sexual wellness, we need to discuss the new Rise condoms from Maude. Made from 100% natural latex and without harmful chemicals, these ultra-thin, latex condoms can help you enjoy safe and elevated intimate moments all year long.

Ostrichpillow Heated Neck Wrap

Heated Neck Wrap


If finally addressing those nagging aches and pains is on your 2023 to-do list, we recommend the Heated Neck Wrap from Ostrichpillow. Filled with all-natural clay beads wrapped in soft, reversible fabric, this wrap offers gentle pressure that can alleviate concerns like tech neck.

Costa Brazil Exfoliante Para o Corpo - Body Scrub

Exfoliante Para o Corpo - Body Scrub


Give your skin a new year refresh with this luxurious body scrub. Made with crushed murumuru seeds, green coffee, and sweet almond oil, this lightweight formula gently buffs away impurities to revitalize your skin.

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket

Infrared Sauna Blanket


We’ve found the ultimate treat for 2023! Through infrared heat, it elevates your body’s temperature to support post-workout recovery, promote glowing skin, and encourage deep relaxation. Just lie inside for 30-45 minutes to start feeling the benefits.

Aplós Arise Alcohol-Free Spirit

Arise Alcohol-Free Spirit


Trust us: this non-alcoholic spirit will be a hit at every celebration this year. Designed specifically for special occasions to amplify connection with others, Arise is crafted with adaptogens to boost energy, elevate your mood, and inspire an outgoing frame of mind. Pour it over ice, or mix with other ingredients to create your favorite mocktail!