Meet Our First Aid Collection

If you’re into wellness, chances are you’re used to scanning the back of boxes at grocery stores and making sure your everyday beauty and skincare essentials feature powerful, clean ingredients. But, have you taken the time to think about those things you pick up from the pharmacy? We’re talking band-aids, hand sanitizer, bug spray, and even allergy medicine. Although you may not think twice about these essentials, many of the options you grab at the pharmacy are packed with less than ideal (and even harmful) ingredients. We’re here to change that with our First Aid category, and make clean, sustainable products accessible to everyone.

Ready to make the swap? We’re introducing a few of our favorite brands for your pharmacy needs below.


Did you know most bug sprays are made using DEET? This chemical is super irritating to skin, can lead to allergic reactions, and is far from natural. Kinfield's bug spray is DEET-free, and they also have a range of outdoor essentials created with only clean, supportive ingredients.


BLDG Active

Whether you’re dealing with a scrape, a sunburn, or another skin irritation, BLDG Active is here to support your healing process. Their medical-grade treatments draw on Hypochlorous (HOCl), an antimicrobial naturally produced in our bodies, to help repair skin. Each formula is natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and packaged in a TSA-approved bottle. 



From bandages that help with blemishes to fun, colorful options for your every day, Welly lets kids show off their personalities while promoting healing. Plus, with assorted size options, there’s even something for those tricky areas like the elbows and knees. 



Is your hand sanitizer made with harmful chemicals, additives, and ingredients you can’t pronounce? Time to make the switch. Noshinku keeps your hands healthy and protected with formulas made with clean, effective ingredients and packaged in a refillable pocket-sized container.



Made with children, caregivers, and the earth in mind, Erbaviva harnesses the power of organic ingredients to create everything from safe and effective baby sunscreens and body lotions to nursing balms and stretch mark creams. 


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