Meet Gloria Noto of NOTO Botanics

Gloria Noto is an artist, activist, and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. Believing that wellness is a right and not a privilege, Gloria created NOTO, a gender-fluid, multi-use cosmetic line with a philanthropic and activist edge.

As a former makeup artist and long-time creative, how have your professional and artistic experiences helped you shape NOTO?
With my background as a fine artist, art school really helped me understand color theory and design in a more technical way, while being a makeup artist really shaped my understanding of different skin needs, skin tones, features, and how to expand upon identity in a unique way. I think it really all came together to nurture my company in a holistic and authentic way. 

“Clean beauty” can mean a lot of things, what does it mean to NOTO?
To me clean beauty is of course in the ingredients and how they are sourced, but also in authenticity and openness to seeing beauty as it is. Using what makes you feel beautiful within yourself and what feels good on your skin and senses. 

What inspired the idea of “Activism through Identity,” and how does it play a part in NOTO’s mission?
I have personally always lived this concept. I grew up always showcasing my queerness, gothness, punkness, riot grrrlness, etc. through how I wore my makeup, what clothing choices I made, and how I held myself. Now it plays a part in how I spend my money and what that money goes towards. Based off of what NOTO stands for, when someone purchases NOTO, they are also supporting a cause, a woman-owned first generation business, a cleaner more sustainable way of consumption, and donating towards causes in need. 

What are your self-care practices, and how do they influence your work and company culture?
My biggest self care practice is to ask myself every day “What do you need today?” or even “What do you need in this moment?” because that answer is always changing. 

We noticed NOTO has an extensive anti-racist resource page. For those who may be new to activism, what is your advice to becoming a better ally?
To take stock of your own thoughts to start with and understand how you can dismantle and decolonize your own mind and body - educate yourself on what that even means, and learn to unpack your own internalized racism first. It always starts with self.

Who are your favorite artists right now?
My favorite designer is @suitedatelier, my favorite cake maker is @eatnunchi, and one of my favorite models and photographers is @simone.niamani

What organizations have you donated to recently?
This month we are donating to: @centerforantiviolenceeducation which focuses on anti-violence work centering the needs of women, youth, and LGBQ + TGNC communities. 

What is a book you wish you could read again for the first time?
James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room 

What is a non-negotiable daily ritual you have?
A warm morning drink + puppy snuggles