How to Buy CBD for Friends and Family

With the potential to ease stress and anxiety, calm aches and pains, promote restful sleep, and care for the skin, CBD (cannabidoil) is a great option for your holiday gifting. But there are a couple of elements to consider when you’re looking for the right gift for a friend or family member.

Do they currently use CBD?
Shopping for someone well-versed in CBD might yield a different result than shopping for a beginner, and our brand is built on the integral element of education. If the person you’re gifting to is new to CBD, be sure to let them know about microdosing. This involves starting with a low dose and working your way up until you find the dose that’s right for you. You can share our piece, “Establishing Your Standard CBD Dose,” with them for additional information. Pre-dosed options, like a capsule or transdermal patch, are also a great way for beginners to incorporate CBD into their lifestyle, and our CBD Beginner Kit includes a thoughtful curation of the products we find best for those starting out.  

Share Knowledge
For those who may not be familiar with CBD, it’s important to share some knowledge. Although hemp and marjuana are both within the cannabis family of plants, and CBD can’t get you high, your friend or family member might need some clarification. CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis and our editorial platform are both helpful resources for those looking to learn more about the healing benefits of cannabidiol.

Are they drug tested at work?
Although CBD is legal and doesn’t have a psychoactive effect, full spectrum products may still contain less than 0.3% THC. It’s very unlikely that this small of an amount will show up on a drug test, but we recommend purchasing a broad spectrum or isolate product if the person you’re gifting is drug tested. With CBD isolate, CBD has been completely extracted from the other compounds of the plant, meaning there will be no THC. When it comes to broad spectrum, the entire cannabinoid spectrum is still present, with the exception of THC. Learn more about the different forms of CBD here. Each of our products are clearly labeled to include information about the kind of CBD used, but feel free to DM us on Instagram @StandardDose if you’re looking to purchase a gift and have questions!

Consider The Format 
With gifting, accessible formats like elixirs, chocolates, or bath products are not only fun to give, but are easy to incorporate into a daily routine. Some people prefer capsules, while others turn to chocolates or powders. We love the Fortifying Magnesium Soak from natureofthings and The Go To Functional Powder from Prima

Buying for Pain?
If you’re buying to help someone in your life relieve pain, it’s important to know what type they’re trying to remedy. For a fitness-lover who experiences muscle soreness or cramps, try a product that will help replenish the body after activity, such as the Recovery Spray from Vertly. Overall body aches from stress are best relieved with a bath product like the Soak It In Bath Gem from Prima, and muscle and joint pain can be relieved with a topical cream or balm like the Maison for Recovery Balm from Mineral.