How the Body and Mind Benefit from Meditation

Is meditation a regular part of your routine? If not, it might be time to start. As a practice that involves using mindfulness to train the mind and build awareness, meditation grants us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and tune into the present moment. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of meditating. If you’re new to the practice, you can also read The Beginners Guide to Meditation we put together, with tips for navigating the start of your journey.

Reduces stress
Many people turn to meditation to help manage their stress. They find themselves feeling overwhelmed, and meditation presents the opportunity to pause. A consistent practice can help you build the skills to better manage stress when it arises, but even meditating for 10 minutes during a stressful time can be helpful. This is because meditating triggers your relaxation response to help restore the body and mind. One study of participants who meditated for eight weeks found that a consistent practice lowered the body’s inflammatory response as well.

In addition, stress has a direct impact on our sleep quality, which means less stress = better sleep. 

Promotes a positive outlook
The guided meditation app Headspace frequently reminds meditators of the blue sky analogy. This analogy compares our minds to a bright blue sky, and the thoughts and feelings that arise as the clouds that obscure it. All we have to do is remember that the blue sky is still there, and view these thoughts simply as passing clouds. This is exactly what the practice of meditation allows us to do. In time, this practice leads to a more positive outlook on life, including a lower frequency of negative or intrusive thoughts. Regular meditation has also been found to reduce symptoms of depression. 

Improves self-awareness
As meditation presents the opportunity to observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment, it also helps us develop a greater sense of self-awareness. We begin to recognize patterns of thought, and connect more deeply with ourselves, which leads to a profound understanding of who we are. As we become more aware, we also become more confident and able to navigate complex emotions and experiences throughout our lives. 

Boosts focus 
With endless distractions competing for our time, our attention spans often suffer. For many of us, constant notifications, long to-do lists, and multiple social media accounts make it hard to focus on one task at a time. However, when we meditate (especially to start our day!), we’re bringing our attention to the present moment, which translates not only to that moment, but to the rest of our day, making it easier for us to concentrate on tasks and activities. 

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