How This Women-Run Brand Creates Natural Remedies for Healing

This Women’s History Month, we’re shining a spotlight on the women behind some of the biggest brands in the beauty and wellness industries. Today, we’re sitting down with the co-founders of Hilma, Hilary Quartner, Nina Mullen, and Lily Galef, to learn how their natural remedies help bring about healing.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves and Hilma!

We’re Hilary, Nina, and Lily, the co-founders of Hilma. We make natural remedies that actually work for health issues like digestion, head tension, immune support, and more. Our remedies are made with powerful herbs and minerals, formulated with a team of doctors, and backed by clinical research. Unlike most over-the-counter options, Hilma products are made without drugs, dyes, fillers, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners. 


What motivated you to start a brand that offers clean, natural remedies?

After transitioning over most of our products (like food, skincare, beauty, and household cleaning) to clean and natural options, we realized that healthcare products were much harder to switch to natural based on what is sold in pharmacies. It didn’t make sense to us when we weren’t feeling well – be it an upset stomach, bloating, a tension headache, allergies, or even just a cold – our best option was something full of drugs, dyes, and fillers. We wanted a better option, so we made one – natural remedies that actually work! 


What unique challenges have you faced as women in the health and wellness industry?

The one that first comes to mind is negotiating with manufacturers. The healthcare industry is dominated by many male-owned and run manufacturers and convincing them that 1) this concept is worth taking a chance on, and 2) three young women are the right people to back, was not easy. We certainly got our fair share of no’s before we found the right partners. 


Can you tell us about the team you work with to bring products to life? 

Yes! We’ve put together an all-star team of practicing doctors, PhDs, and herbalists who we work with to formulate our products. We truly do collaborate with them through every stage of our product development and rely on them to keep us up-to-date on the latest research in the industry. They really are an interesting group, each of whom are passionate and impressive in their own right. One of our advisors, for example, is Dr. Aviva Romm, a Yale-trained practicing MD, herbalist, and author of 7 books. She was a founding board member of the Yale Institute of Integrative Health, and is Director of the American Herbal Pharmacopeia. We are constantly blown away by all of their expertise and insight!


What’s the process for creating a new product? 

We have an extensive product development process. Before we even consider an ingredient for a new product, it has to have short and long-term benefits supported by clinical studies and research. Then we conduct our own research to ensure that our unique formulations are working to help people feel better. Once we have a formula finalized, we have a minimum of four rounds of third-party testing during the production process to ensure the highest quality product is being created.


You’ve said that when you were looking for products before Hilma, you found that the natural options weren’t always backed by science, and the products backed by science didn’t hold up to your clean and natural standards. How have you brought these different types of healing together?

We conducted three clinical studies on our launch products and we are proud to be contributors to the under-funded body of natural products research by investing above and beyond what is required of an herbal supplement company. We believe that investing in this type of research is creating a new standard for brands in our space, and the transparency that consumers want & deserve. 


What impact do you hope Hilma has on how we approach wellness?

We hope Hilma makes it easier for people to understand, trust, and use natural remedies that actually work for their everyday ailments. Ultimately we hope people try Hilma prior to heading to the pharmacy aisle! 


Finally, can you tell us about a woman who inspires you this Women’s History Month?

How can we pick just one! We are always inspired by all of the women on our Scientific Advisory Board – Dr. Aviva Romm, Dr, Neeta Ogden, Dr. Claudia Aguiree, and Kerry Hughes. We have gained such valuable learnings from each of them about a natural approach to health.

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