Harmony and Balance with Taza Ayurveda

Growing up in the Ayurvedic tradition, Divya Viswanathan was used to following a careful set of rituals designed to promote wellbeing and natural balance. Whether she was using an oil before showering to eliminate the body’s toxins or keeping her hair healthy with a powdered herbal shampoo her mother insisted that she use, Ayurveda was deeply intertwined into her daily life. But once she moved to America, these rituals began to slip away, and Divya found herself feeling imbalanced. Similarly, Amy Engel, Divya’s best friend from Columbia Business School, quickly realized that her fast-paced life was leaving her stressed and exhausted. Reconnecting with her roots, Divya introduced elements of Ayurveda to Amy, and the two founded Taza Ayurveda to bring authentic practices and ingredients to the US. 

A comprehensive system of medicine used for thousands of years, Ayurveda is built on the belief that nature has the power to heal us all. “You’re born with a natural balance [and] Ayurveda is helping you maintain that,” Amy explains. “So as long as you live in harmony with nature as it was intended, you’ll stay healthy, as your body has the intelligence to keep you well.” Living in tune with nature can take many forms, but Divya and Amy point to eating seasonally, thinking mindfully about the distance food takes to arrive at your plate, and arranging your sleep schedule around the natural rotation of the sun as essential elements of the Ayurvedic lifestyle. 

In an industry that frequently claims that the answers live in a bottle, Divya and Amy are committed to highlighting the holistic lifestyle of Ayurveda, alongside products made with powerful ingredients from the earth and classic formulations. Each of their products, like the Eladi Body Oil and the Gandharvahastadi Digestive Supplement, come with a pocket size mantra booklet to emphasize the importance of practicing mindfulness and caring for yourself beyond the use of a product. 

When it comes to the Taza line, these formulations are truly authentic, as the brand works with two Ayurvedic regulating bodies in India to find the highest quality ingredients and create their products. As very few prestigious institutions also comply with the US standards and regulations, this was not an easy feat. Each Taza product is created using powerful ingredients originally written in Ayurvedic texts thousands of years ago and is adjusted to suit the Western diet. Some of these ingredients include Chebulic Myrobolan, found in the Eladi Body Oil, and Cardamom, part of the formulation for the Gandharvahastadi Digestive Supplement. Although Cardamom is known to have healing benefits when cooked into food, it is also great to use on the skin, as its antiinflammatory properties help with cellular inflammation and improve circulation throughout the body. 

“Ayurveda is a mind-body philosophy,” Divya explains. “It has to do with your mind as well as your body. We want people to use the products, but to also take the time to meditate and read the mantra book because that is just as important in the philosophy.” Whatever elements you choose to introduce into your own life, Taza is a meaningful resource for a life well-lived -- in every capacity.