Our Content Lead's Perfect Fall Day

The crackle of a fireplace. The crunch of amber, gold, and scarlet leaves underfoot. The first bite of a crisp apple plucked from the branch. These are some of the things Yaz, our Content Lead, loves most about fall. Today, she’s sharing what a perfect day in her favorite season looks like…and the Standard Dose products that help make it happen!

My favorite way to start a fall day is with a warm drink and a good book. I’ve always loved a cup of English breakfast tea with oat milk and a great wellness version of this is the London Love Botanical Tea from Hello Goldie, a black tea infused with CBD. 

In terms of books, I like to alternate between anything with spooky or dark academic vibes (like House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland and Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas) and journaling! For me, October marks the beginning of the busy holiday season and I find The Anti-Anxiety Notebook from Therapy Notebooks useful for helping me unpack racing thoughts of travel and organization. 

After a cup of tea and some reading or writing time, I’ll continue my slow morning with breakfast, which is also when I take my supplements. Rae Wellness is my go-to brand for daily supplements; I take the Pre + Probiotic Capsules year-round and make sure to take Immunity Capsules in fall since I’m prone to a seasonal cold.

Before heading out for the day, I always apply sunscreen – just because fall isn’t as sunny as summer months doesn’t mean the UV rays aren’t still strong! My absolute favorite is Salt & Stone’s SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen. Because it’s a mineral sunscreen, it’s a lot less greasy than chemical options I’ve used in the past (so a lot less likely to cause an acne breakout for any fellow blemish-prone skin types). It also features ashwagandha and green tea extract so feels super moisturizing on dry fall skin.  

My favorite way to start a fall day is with a warm drink and a good book.

With sunscreen on, it’s time for one of my favorite autumn activities: simply taking a walk through the scenery! This mini-adventure actually has wellness benefits; spending time in nature has been proven to relieve stress and facilitate mindfulness, while regular walking can support cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, and boost muscle power and endurance. Living in New York, I love heading up to Central Park or Riverside Park when the fall foliage is in full bloom. Closer to Halloween, checking out the decorated brownstones in Park Slope or the houses in Ridgewood is a must!

After a walk, I’ll head home for dinner. My boyfriend makes an excellent chili so we’ll enjoy that while watching a film that feels like fall (hello, Twilight!) and lighting a seasonal candle. I always look forward to candle shopping in fall and Boy Smells’ Copal Fantôme is at the top of my list for 2022. Notes of cinnamon and nutmeg make it the ultimate autumn scent while leather and patchouli give it a touch of sophistication. 


What’s on your fall bucket list? Tag @standarddose on Instagram to share your adventures with us!

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