Putting Together a Hangover-Free CBD Happy Hour

Nothing against a traditional, high-ABV happy hour, but sometimes we want to have our fun, and then go about our day without the lingering depressant effects of alcohol. Lately we’ve been opting for more uplifting concoctions, like using some of our favorite CBD ingredients to make relaxing, refreshing mocktails that don’t leave us feeling dehydrated or fuzzy-minded afterward.

And now that more high-quality food and drink CBD products are coming to market, there are even more ways to deliciously and seamlessly integrate CBD into your dining experience. From hemp-infused olive oil, decadent chocolates and truffles, and potent tinctures, you can easily bring plant power to your charcuterie board or h'ordeuvre table. Below, you’ll find alcohol-free CBD drinks as well as further tips and ingredients for putting together an elevated happy hour.

Matcha-coconut water tea with CBD-infused honey
This recipe is inspired by our friends at Potli, who recommend the following preparation:

Large carton of coconut water
1 tablespoon matcha powder
3 tablespoons hot water
3 tablespoons Potli honey

Add half the hot water with the matcha, using a whisk or chopsticks and mix well. Add the rest of the water. For best results, dissolve the Potli honey into the warm mixture, and add honey-matcha mix into carafe of coconut water and ice. Serve chilled. Note that the matcha contains caffeine.

MONK Drinking Botanicals
Aromatic and flavorful extracts define the flavor profiles of MONK’s CBD-infused elixirs, which are great on their own as a stand-alone drink or mixed responsibly with a libation of your choice. The invigorating botanical varieties include Grapefruit Cayenne, Cinnamon Citrus Shrub, Rosemary Orange Peel, Turmeric Lemon, and Ginger Maple Shrub, none of which contain refined sugars. Mix with sparkling water for a subtle, bubbly kick, or to diffuse the aromatic flavors.

Hemp-infused olive oil and vinegar with crusty bread
CBD has improved absorption in your body when paired with a healthy fat carrier. A rich, extra virgin olive oil like Plant People’s California-grown CBD-enhanced blend makes the perfect organic addition to your fresh breads, salads, and recipes, with a peppery finish.

Fresh-baked baguette
Plant People CBD Olive Oil
Balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste

Fill a dish with a generous pour of CBD olive oil, and add a heavy splash of balsamic vinegar in the middle. Add salt and pepper to taste. Tear into the bread, enjoy.

Calivolve Truffles 
Calivolve’s mint, matcha, and cherry Belgian dark chocolate truffles are the perfect sweet bite for a table spread and with a hefty 20mg of CBD per truffle, you will get an effective, consistent dose in the most decadent way. The ingredients list is rounded out by the natural energy source of maca and the adaptogen ashwagandha, and is both vegan and gluten-free for meeting dietary needs.

For a stand-alone drink that delivers 15mg of hemp derived CBD, we carry five flavors of Vybes: Peach Ginger, Strawberry Lavender, Sparkling Maracujá, Blueberry Mint, and Sparkling Blackberry Ginger. Drink straight from the bottle on its own, or enjoy over ice, as your body absorbs the benefits of CBD.