Casey Georgeson Talks Raising Daughters, Practicing Gratitude, and Building Saint Jane

As founder and CEO of Saint Jane, a CBD-infused skincare line with a cult-like following, Casey Georgeson knows a thing or two about beauty. We sat down with this radiant mother of 3 to talk finding balance, raising daughters, and making family a priority. 

You’re a founder, CEO, and mom to three daughters -- how do you take time to reflect and reset?
Daily gratitude checks with myself keep me sane and are essential. I find that taking these moments makes everything brighter. I stop what I'm doing and remember all of the things I once wanted so badly and now am very fortunate to have…a family, a career I love, health, and my tribe of women.

What’s something you learned in the first year of Saint Jane?
Patience and agility. There are just so many things that were out of my control as we launched that not only taught me the value of patience, but also to be agile. For many years, I built brands for others in the wine and beauty industries, but it was always on a larger scale with a corporate infrastructure behind me. This time, it‘s just me and my small team taking it all on. 

How do you divide your time and energy?
Not very well! Launching and running a business has really changed my life – it is 24/7, so I’m always working – even if I'm not physically in the office. But it is important to me that I make time for my family – my 3 girls and my husband. So, I’m home for dinner and to help with homework. I try not to be away from home too often. Last year, I traveled a lot because I was launching the brand. So, this year, I am hoping to travel less and when I do, make them quick trips. Last year was a bit crazy, so this year I am consciously trying to find that balance. 

What has raising daughters taught you? And what have you learned about yourself in the process?
I decided to start Saint Jane as a tribute to my girls and to show them they can do anything if they set their minds to it. They don't have to settle for a job they don't love. If you work hard and put in your time (this is key), eventually you can chart your own path and find the balance you need. Drive and career must also be balanced with kindness and loving yourself. I hope they always believe in who they are and love themselves for the gifts they have. We talk a lot about gratitude and the idea that it is not the happy people who are grateful, but the grateful people who are happy. Focus on what you have and remember you are blessed. 

Three things you never leave the house without?
Lip gloss, a hairbrush, and CBD mints

Favorite ways to wind-down at the end of the day?
Pajama walks with the girls after dinner in the summer. Reading a book after they go to bed (a TOTAL luxury that helps me fall asleep). Watching gooey brownie videos on IG and tagging my friends who are on cleanses.

Best advice you’ve received?
Try to keep the balance and the perspective. The sun will rise tomorrow no matter what your day threw at you. The stress is self-imposed. An amazing news anchor I worked for at CNN told me once that most mistakes are “like peeing in the ocean”.... it’s a huge deal to you, but no one actually cares.

What are you most inspired by right now?
I’m a big fan of the goop podcast. I listen to it when I have a free moment (when I’m on a run or driving between meetings). It always gives me an insight I’ve never thought of before...I'm also inspired by my husband who always has the best advice on entrepreneurship, business, life, friendships, and keeping the balance. He meditates and reads constantly (which I’m currently too busy to do), so I get the life skills highlights from him.

Can you share your morning routine?
I get up around 6:45am – thanks to my youngest, CeCe, who is my little alarm clock! I check my email and Instagram. Sometimes, I have calls early in the morning with vendors who are overseas or on the east coast. I get my 1st cup of coffee as I make sure the girls are fed, dressed, and ready for school and any after-school activities. If I can, I work out for a quick 30 mins which is about all I can squeeze in these days, and then head to the office and get another cup of coffee on the way.

Who do you look up to?
I’m really fortunate to have so many people in my life to look up to. Specific to Saint Jane, it is my great grandmother, who was an early female entrepreneur in the 1930s. She was integral in seed funding of two of the largest wine brands in the US, Franzia and Gallo. She did this not only during the Great Depression, but also during Prohibition, which shows her confidence and determination in the face of adversity. She was also a mail order bride from Italy (yes this was a thing!) and had seven children. Even though I never met her, her story has been in the forefront of my mind during this crazy journey. I look up to her and hope I’m making her proud.

Advice for others looking to build something from the ground up?
Go for it! But with eyes wide open knowing it’s going to be a challenge and you'll hit roadblocks you can never anticipate. But, also know the rewards far outweigh the obstacles. Surround yourself with amazing people. It’s been invaluable to me to have a team I trust and a network of former colleagues, fellow founders, and classmates that I can reach out to for perspective and insight.

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