A Marvelous Q+A with Bee Shapiro

When it comes to beauty, there are few who do it better than Bee Shapiro. Bee is the Founder of Ellis Brooklyn and the creator of Marvelous, the first ever body and massage oil within the Standard Dose curation. Read on to learn more about Marvelous and Bee’s unique start in beauty.

Q: How did you get started in beauty?
A: I’ve been the New York Times beauty columnist for the last 11 years. It actually came about by a bit of luck. I was covering fashion when the beauty columnist left for her dream job at travel and my editor asked if I wanted the column. I didn’t know much about beauty when I started out but I’ve fallen in love and grew up with the industry over the years. 

Q: What’s the vision behind Ellis Brooklyn?
A: I started Ellis Brooklyn with the vision that scent, and beautiful scent, should be a part of our lives. And the fragrances that we are enjoying should also adhere to all the modern principles that many of us look for in brands like cruelty free, vegan and eco friendly. 

Q: What’s the most significant shift you have seen in the beauty industry?
A: The biggest shift I’ve seen is how the industry embraced clean beauty. Six years ago was when I saw that shift becoming a true movement. Rather than following fashion, beauty started following wellness and food. 

Q: Why a CBD body and massage oil?
A: I wrote a story for the New York Times in January 2018 about CBD in beauty and that was when I became obsessed with CBD. I tried more than 30 products for that story and that’s how I learned that CBD is a wonderful active ingredient, but wasn’t being treated properly. It was a lot of companies that were just trying to get in on a trend as opposed to trying to make the best formulation. I made a massage and body oil because I wanted the feeling that the product was soothing and therapeutic. From the formula to the way we paired the CBD with complementary actives and essential oils, it’s really to highlight the soothing, relaxing effect of CBD. 

Q: Who did you envision as the user when you were creating Marvelous?
A: I envisioned people like me who were curious about CBD but prefer a luxury experience when it comes to skin and bodycare. The quality is through the entire product. The CBD is full spectrum and sourced from a farm in Colorado that grows organic vegetables. The packaging component is from Korea and is a sophisticated dropper format so that no oil is wasted. The smell is amazing because of the complementary essential oils. It’s like a spa in a bottle. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Marvelous from a product and formula perspective?
A: From a product perspective, I love the scent of the product. It’s not a traditional fragrance where we’re creating a complex perfume but rather this soothing, spa-like experience that makes our oil a joy to use. 

From a formula perspective, I’m proud of the quality of our CBD and how we holistically thought about the total formulation. We discovered that CBD works wonderfully with French Maritime Pine Bark extract which has supportive antioxidant and restorative qualities. 

Q: What's the biggest message you want to convey when it comes to CBD?
A: Know where your CBD comes from. Where is it being sourced? Is it full spectrum or not? Has it gone through proper testing? Hemp is an absorbent plant and you don’t want to be using poorly sourced CBD as it’s absorbing all the potentially toxic stuff out there.