Angie Tebbe on Mental Well-Being

This Women’s History Month, we’re shining a spotlight on the women behind some of the biggest brands in the beauty and wellness industries. Today, we’re sitting down with Angie Tebbe, CEO and co-founder of Rae Wellness, to discuss all things mental health.

Tell us a little about yourself and your journey to founding Rae Wellness!

Three years ago, I had a wonderful corporate career and a full life. However, my well-being was continuing to decrease on the priority list. I grew up in a very holistic household; my mom was a nurse, and my father was into reiki, homeopathy, and meditation. So, to honor what I knew so well, I left my corporate life in pursuit of my own well-being. As I sought to take better care of myself through supplements, I found an opportunity to support all women on a different level through holistic and accessible products that did not yet exist.


What conversations or attitudes did you have about mental health growing up?

My parents encouraged my sisters and me to talk about everything together. They believed in mental and emotional wellness to a level I've recently begun to understand and appreciate, especially as a parent. My parents also encouraged me to not “burn too many energy cells at once” and I now prioritize having patience, ensuring everything is in moderation, and having confidence in timing. 


Founding and running a business can be incredibly tough. Can you speak to how you care for your mental health while leading Rae Wellness?

To maintain and care for your mental health as a CEO, you must love the process and be motivated by the challenges and the building blocks. I also believe everyone needs healers (formal or informal relationships) that help support you, boost you up, and help keep life in perspective. I am very fortunate to have incredible coaches, mentors, family, and team members that are there to act as a sounding board on all facets of work and life.


What unique challenges do you feel you’ve faced as a working mother when it comes to mental health? 

Being a CEO and a mother of three little boys has made it challenging to put myself at the top of the priority list. Each day is a little different, whether it’s getting in a 15-minute walk outside, 5 minutes of deep breathing at lunch, or even just a couple of quiet minutes. The one routine that I never skip is yoga nidra, a form of meditation that calms both your body and mind. I do this for 10-30 minutes each night before bed. It clears my mind and allows me to quickly fall asleep.


Why was creating products that support mental health important to you? What guided you in creating these?

At Rae, we believe in holistic well-being for all. All our products were created to support both mind and body together. For example, In the Mood was created to help stimulate and fuel desire through supporting mood and countering the effects of stress in addition to increased energy and blood flow. Destress, one of my personal favorites, helps calm your mind and fights mental fatigue which allows your body to respond along with the mind.


What do your daily self-care routines look like? 

Each day looks a little different, and with three kids (including a new baby), I ensure I take small moments to myself. I generally wake up before the kids to get in a quick workout, a shower, and a cup of coffee so I'm fresh for them. My partner and I are a team in getting them up, fed, and ready for their days. At that point, I make sure I eat protein and drink a liter of water to start my day. I try to stand or use an active chair during Zoom calls and try to take at least a 15-minute walk around lunch – but I live in snowy Minneapolis, so it depends on the day! At night, I always take a bath and practice yoga nidra to calm my mind.


How would you like to see the conversation around mental health shift?

I am thrilled that the conversation is becoming destigmatized, but we have a long way to go. I love that as a society, we are recognizing mental health as the most important part of well-being, and that women need to continue to prioritize our minds to be the nucleus of change that we have always been. I would love to see more recognition of everyday mental fitness like encouraging non-toxic optimism and taking steps to calm your mind in a world of technology.


This Women’s History Month, we want to especially consider the diversity of what it means to be a woman. How do you create an inclusive environment and line of products at Rae Wellness? 

At Rae, we stand for the well-being of all. That means wellness shouldn’t have to be a full-time job, it shouldn’t be expensive, and it should inspire everyone wherever they are in their journey. Everyone is just doing the best they can – whether they’re conquering their day or just making it through. We wanted to celebrate this journey and be real about the barriers that exist for women by talking about stigmatized topics, making accessible products, and fueling the next generation of women through our partnership with Girls, Inc.


Finally, can you tell us a little bit about a woman who inspires you this Women’s History Month?

I am continually inspired by our consumers. It is our mission to understand what she is thinking about, what she needs and wants, and where and how she lives. Our community is incredibly powerful as they are evermore taking charge of their own wellness.

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