An Update On Our Long-Term DEI Plan

A year ago, our team shared our long-term plan for diversity and inclusion with our community, touching on the goals for each aspect of the brand. To keep ourselves accountable and our community in the loop, we’re sharing our first annual progress report. 

People + Culture 

Internal Team Training 
As a company, we chose to start with internal work to ensure everyone on the team felt aligned with a challenged and open mindset. In the past year, we have conducted the following efforts that have contributed to our individual and collective progress as a team:

-Kicked off a monthly DEIB Talking Circle, providing a consistent space for the full team to process, learn, grow, and hold ourselves accountable, while amplifying the voices of marginalized groups

-Everyone on the team completed a series of Implicit Association Tests and some unconscious bias activities; which we plan to take the learnings from and apply them to everyday practices like interviewing/hiring, making important internal decisions, and granting responsibilities to our peers

-Kicked off a DEIB Movie of the Month series which will focus on a film from different groups of people 

Hiring + Recruitment 
Our intention for growing the team in the next year is to establish job competencies and consistency across the organization, to ensure that we are being equitable and inclusive with our People Strategy. In the past year we have implemented Lattice, a people and performance management platform that has opened communication channels across departments and will help ensure we are cultivating a culture of healthy ongoing feedback across the board.

Our Next Steps:

-Currently developing a standard structured interview process for all full-time hires, with details on how to recruit and an interview rubric that all interviewers across the company will use, to mitigate bias and to evaluate candidates fairly and consistently 

-This year, we plan to invest in new recruitment software (i.e. Greenhouse, that already has a framework for equitable recruiting practices), allowing for greater transparency across the organization on our recruiting pipeline, and encouraging our existing staff to refer to a diverse pool of potential candidates

-Investing in Black and POC-centered job boards and increased effort in personalized outreach to Black and POC candidates (currently pursuing a partnership with Jopwell)

Currently, 25-30% of our brands are BIPOC-owned or founded. Our vetting and onboarding process has been expanded to include diversity & inclusion checkpoints, in addition to our overall product and ingredient standards. As we expand into new product categories, we actively seek out BIPOC brands and we continue to look toward long term solutions to support and uplift these brands within our assortment.

We have made it our mission to uplift our BIPOC brand partners, include more inclusive imagery and content, and provide social justice resources to our community. We also launched an Instagram series, Origin Stories, that focuses on the often forgotten cultural roots of popular wellness trends. As we increase our influencer partnerships, we aim to collaborate with a diverse group of creators that reflect our core values.

Of course, this work is ongoing and evolving, and we’re always open to feedback and suggestions. Feel free to email us at

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