An Inside Look at the Standard Dose Meditation Cushion

Every meditation practice needs a comfortable meditation cushion. Discover how the Standard Dose team created their signature set.

If you’ve ever tried to meditate without the proper support (like sitting on the floor), you’ve probably found yourself focusing more on your discomfort than on the breath. While the beauty of meditation is the ability to engage in the practice wherever you are, a comfortable cushion can make a huge difference in the way you experience the practice (especially for meditations of ten minutes or longer).

The Standard Dose team has always believed in the power of meditation, and been the first to talk about the many benefits with our friends and family. As a New York City based team, we’ve enjoyed going to classes together around the city, and having lunch break conversations about the instructors, the atmosphere, and the cushions at our favorite classes.

Eventually, this all sparked an idea: what if we brought our extensive knowledge together to create the best meditation cushion set out there. Doing so would not only support experienced meditators, but help those who are new to the practice find support and enjoyment at the beginning of their journeys. 

So, we got to work. 

Below, we’re sharing a behind the scenes look at the inspiration of our very own Meditation Cushion Set. Here’s what was top of mind as we set out to create it:

We wanted our meditation cushion to feel like a dream. This meant soft and fluffy (none of us were fans of those minimalist cushions with very little padding). When someone sat on our cushion, we wanted them to feel almost like they were sitting on a cloud. This led us to two cushions (a round zafu cushion and a square zabuton floor cushion), plenty of padding, and a soft, cotton cover. The two separate cushions allow for a variety of different meditations, and you can even use them for meditations done lying down, as a supportive pillow for your head. 

Good support is key throughout your meditation practice, to keep your body protected and healthy. The design of our cushion allows for spine support, and provides a comfortable place to rest your feet and legs. 

We wanted our meditation cushion to last a long, long time, and support you through years of your practice. As a result, we really prioritized quality in the creation process, landing on a durable cover, and a filling of buckwheat hulls and kapok, an antimicrobial and moisture-resistant natural fiber.  

Lastly, we wanted to create something that would look beautiful in your home, almost as a prized piece of furniture or decor. This isn’t a cushion that needs to be hidden in a closet between sessions. The beautiful, neutral color turns any space into a haven of comfort and relaxation.  

Our team is super pleased with the final product, and each of us enjoy taking meditation breaks to pause and calm the mind in the midst of the work day. Ready to give the cushion a try for yourself? You can check it out here.

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