A Note from Our Founder, One Year Later

A year ago, I launched Standard Dose with the hope of finding a way to combat stress in my own life through the natural healing properties of CBD. Turns out, starting a company (even a wellness-oriented one) is not the means to a carefree existence.

Fast forward one year, and plant-based ingredients, including CBD, have become a complement to the bigger picture of wellness at Standard Dose, one that situates mind and body on the same plane. In setting the standard for CBD, we discovered that we needed to re-define wellness as a whole and what it takes to achieve it.

We’re not experts; merely like-minded individuals who are striving for a better, more peaceful way of living. One year later, it seems that greater sense of well-being might be a product of not just CBD, but a few things converging: self-awareness, community, education, and plant-based ingredients sourced directly from the earth.

I invite you to join us on a journey to a more mindful existence - one where stress is manageable, sound sleep is achievable, and daily obstacles like anxiety, pain, and loneliness are observed without judgement, understood, and addressed. If you find yourself in NoMad, NYC, join us for our Transformative Healing workshop, a newly developed series that addresses these topics with the hope of forging a path to better mind-body health.

With sincere gratitude and renewed hope for the year to come,