A Conversation with Energy Therapist Seven Brown

Seven Brown is a bilingual, energetic, and creative leader. With years of experience as a speaker, esthetician, energy intuitive, and healer member of the NSFH, she's passionate about providing practical education to meet the demands of today's world.

1. Tell us about yourself and your work! 
I'll tell you what most people don't know about me from reading my bio: I am a mother of four and a grandmother to six. Family is everything to me. I am a first-generation American of Panamanian descent and love travel.

As for my work, I run a workplace wellness company, Luna Wellness, which is in residence at Luminary, a co-working collective in Nomad. Luna Wellness's mission is about taking a step back and getting to the root cause of unhappiness. In exposing the toxicity of hustle culture in the same room that founders are building tomorrow's future, I hope they will adopt new habits and transform the way we work. That culture change will hopefully help people improve their quality of life and guide people to independence. I want you to be able to access the healer inside yourself and be the hero of your journey.

2. What have been some of the highlights of your career? 
Over the years, there have been many, but the two that stand out for me are:

The first was traveling to the Philippines as a guest of the former President and his family to set up a skincare education program and licensing for the country. We created new employment for the people and simultaneously enhanced ITEC global licensure from 38 countries to 39. Also, to see this magnificently beautiful country through the eyes of native people left quite an impression on me. The second was to provide energy work for a spiritual mentor; there is no more tremendous honor or compliment.

3. Among many other qualifications, you're both an esthetician and energy intuitive; how do you marry these interests? 
There is an extraordinary relationship between skin and spirit; having the ability to work in both renders some powerful results for clients. 

An esthetician typically sees the first signs of disease as it often appears on the skin. I am not a doctor, so I cannot diagnose, but can suggest clients seek help. Working in emotional/energetic work, you often get to the root causes before they develop into a problem. By marrying both modalities, you get intuitive messages and can see clues in the skin and ears.

3. You recently led an energetic clearing ritual and reset ceremony with Standard Dose. Why are these rituals essential and who can benefit from them? 
Clearing and resetting are both marvelous, who doesn't crave the do-over? This ritual is powerful. You open a void of a clearing, but then fill it with purpose and gratitude for your life. Imagine weaving the present moment, appreciation, and hope for your future. It's a powerful ceremony right now. In particular, we are coming out of an intense time of division, violence, and loss. A community with strangers sometimes creates little moments with a significant impact; we need to work through heavy things without pressure.   

4. The wellness industry lacks representation and diversity. Can you speak a bit about this from your perspective
Everything in this country lacks diversity. What hurts me is the misappropriation of indigenous practices for profit by brands that don't staff people of color or make it economically accessible for an end-user of color.

5. How would you like to see the wellness industry move toward proper recognition and inclusivity? 
Because our economic stability intersects with well-being, I want brands to engage with people of color in honest and meaningful ways. Not simply curating emergency plans or experiences for the sake of the numbers or the media. 

6. We'll be sharing this conversation on Juneteenth! What does this day mean to you?
The feeling is complicated. There's a joy at the end of suffering, but no words to describe the anger or pain. I dedicate myself to energetic practices to raise the vibration of this world, clear hurt, and create opportunities for healing. 

7. Can you tell us about a special Juneteenth celebration you've experienced? 
As a resident of Harlem, Juneteenth is always a time of community and colorful celebration - parades, music, and family festivities. 

8. How are you celebrating Juneteenth this year? 
This year it also happens to be Father's Day, so I will celebrate my dad and spend much-deserved family time.