A 6-Minute Grounding Meditation

For those moments when you’re feeling overwhelmed, turn to this grounding meditation to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.

Life is a journey of ebbs and flows; of moments of beauty, and moments of challenge. During the more difficult seasons of life, feelings of overwhelm may set in, infusing our day to day with stress and anxiety. 

While we aren’t always able to change our circumstances, we are able to change how we respond to them. The practice of meditation is a helpful guide here, providing us the space to sit with our feelings, and return to the body and the breath. 

That’s why we created this 6-minute grounding meditation. Grounding is a meditation technique that helps you focus on the present moment, guiding you to redirect your anxious thoughts to what is happening in the here and now. 

We encourage you to find just 6 short minutes in your day to follow along. Find a quiet space, rest comfortably on your meditation cushion, and press play. 

How did that exercise feel today? 

Do you feel a little bit lighter?

Consider taking the time to journal out how you feel, and returning to your cushion around the same time tomorrow. A consistent meditation practice not only helps ease stress and anxiety, but promotes a more positive outlook, strengthens our self-awareness, and boosts our focus. If you’re looking for some motivation to continue your practice, we have an article about the many benefits of meditation here.

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